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Tuesday, December 21

waiting for the total eclipse of the moon

Turkey floral print fabric ( from personal research )
Moon calendar:...courtesy of Illuminate the world.

bona nit

Saturday, December 18


Nice tapas and beers with Marcel, my great friend...
talking about his work, and mine, sharing ideas.

Sopar ideal de tapas i canyes amb el Marcel, un gran amic...
compartint idees i projectes.

and thanks to Kim Hiorthoy music which i love, and to this video by Occer.

Friday, December 17

working , working .-.

       "Sketches for a recent proposal"  
December 2010, Barcelona
 to my friends, and ex workmates, Itxaso, Sara and Teresa...with New York, Hong Kong and Madrid spells. To them. To our work which we love.

 " El ball de la civada, jo us el cantaré; (bis)
el pare, quan la sembrava, feia així, feia així;

se'n dava un truc al pit i se'n girava així.

 Treballem, treballem, que la civada, que la civada,
treballem, treballem, que la civada guanyarem."
 ( El ball de la civada, catalan popular song)


friday stands for... fabrics...

 South eastern countries fabrics. (mostly Turkey)
I love them, you might also if seeking for inspiration, enjoy!

Monday, December 13

My Salomé in disguise

Sneak peek  from "Salomé : historical costume" book,  during the Antwerp Fashion academy years.


© Laia Riera Sanjaume

Monday, November 22


 Unfinished sketch for a friend ...drawing  from memory.

cofee or tea

it had been always Egypt... 
Egipte des d'Anvers, i molt abans.
Nancy Spero,. The Goddess Nut, 1990
And one of my favourite books about Egypt

dilluns monday montag mandaag lundi lunes lunedi ponedjeljak Понедельник

The soldier , the party
#Notebook illustrations
© Laia Riera Sanjaume

Tuesday, November 16

sov godt...

blue door, green door

>>blue door, green door

Old work. Left image: Research for the atmosphere of the collection silhouettes, back
in Antwerp.The right image is the silhouette I did. Model, Romy.

The atmosphere of the silhouettes dealt with the childhood perspective of the clothes.
The fantasy of being/becoming another through clothing, the impersonation.

The "girl " image belongs to the 1977 Year photo book. Second hand book from which lots
of images found me.

Wednesday, November 10

My ponponpon / folk/ eastern tale

My designs for the infamous tendence book in Antwerp Fashion Academy, as a student.
These illustrations had been with me ever since, and apparently are one of the posts most visited from the history of this blog. 
Good memories are forever linked to these designs. 

My first-first year tendence book was revolving on the Beijing opera singers, actors and actresses attires from China. Plus my own experience as becoming the sister of a wonderful little girl from China, my sis Jana now an incredible person of 15...
China rituals , their costumes combined with traditional folk costumes from Slavic countries Catalonia were also sources of research. Here you have some of the images as inspiration: because I loved the feeling of making the Tendence Book!

© Laia Riera Sanjaume

retro portraits ... // Tree man

A long ago I had met an incredible and tall man. He was like a tree. An eastern tree. 
This drawing was just a way to re imagine him. 
These days we were listening a lot to Radiohead, which he is responsible I  chersish their music so much.                                              

Tree man

>>'What shall I do now? What shall I do?'
'I shall rush out as I am, and walk the street
'With my hair down, so. What shall we do to-morrow?
'What shall we ever do?" >>

extract from the Waste Land, T.S Eliott


Friday, April 9

les que ballen & les Valentes

                                                                                       les valentes & les que ballen
                                                                                       the brave ones & the ones who dance
Graphite on paper

© Laia Riera Sanjaume

Friday, March 19


                 s hipless ocean s