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Friday, August 23

Mans, dones, treball


A while ago, a good old friend of mine, also named Laia, asked me to illustrate her new website project:  women entrepreneurs, sharing our thoughts, and ideas, "weaving" some sort of net.
This is the start up for the graphics print. The main point was to emphasize the idea of sharing, collaborating, cooperating, collective work.

 © Laia Riera Sanjaume 2013

Wednesday, August 14

Albicans or the brave ones

 13.08.13 Still
 Still raining.
Still thinking of one of the dearest friends of my father, who, unfortunately passed away on 6th of August. Núria Torra.
It hurts. I remember when I last visited her in the hospital.
She told me we would have a nice meal right after I would come back from Finland.
I am still in Helsinki, Finland, and it started raining few days ago just to remind me Núria died and we would never have a dinner, lunch, good interesting conversation together again.
It feels far, far away, now. But it was only two months ago when I last saw her.
It may sound irrelevant, but I want to say it: I started painting this new set of women on the very day Núria couldn't fight no more. At the time I still didn't know, though.
That's maybe why, as I advanced on the drawing of each creature face, even the colors had a different light.
However the grief, it turned out a very brave group of women, as Núria was all her life. 
I just hope I would have had the courage to tell her how much I admired her... earlier, when she could still listen to me.
Still, tonight this simple short post will be launched in the void. Maybe few of you would take the time to have a look on it and read it.
This is to celebrate life. Because once again, we are reminded of it in the most cruel way.
These women are looking after me, I hope, as I still do wish for them.

 Bear with me, thanks, I don't usually comment on my works.

© Laia Riera Sanjaume

Sunday, August 11

En memòria de la Núria Torra 06.08.2013

"Albicans or the brave ones"
Sneak peek of a new piece
Oil painting, Ink
© Laia Riera Sanjaume 2013

 A la memòria de la Núria Torra,  06.08.2013

 ( Work in Process of the painting) 

Monday, August 5

Corpus Luteum

"Corpus Luteum"
©Laia Riera Sanjaume 2013
Oil painting, water color, ink on Arches paper
70x 55 cm