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Tuesday, February 17

More than a collaboration...Cus!

Finally the lookbook of Cus A/W 2015-16 is out!
Here are some of the images where you can preview the printed items from a very nice collection.
The print , Ihana Salmiaki, had been more than a collaboration as it meant a lot to me to continue being the textile designer for the catalan brand Cus
As per the summer 2015-16 print, this work proved again to be a challenge and a great satisfaction indeed! It´s lovely to see on fabric my print.

Friday, February 13

"Curcuma Girls don´t care"

"Curcuma Girls don´t care" 

Long life to Curcuma Longa
Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, February 4

"Little Sea"

"Little Sea"
Oil permanent pastels, acrylic paint and inks


These new paintings are included on my on going project "Corona Radiata" initiated during my artistic residence at Villa Sarkia.

Rose, harsh rose,
marred and with stint of petals,
meagre flower, thin,
sparse of leaf,

more precious
than a wet rose
single on a stem --
you are caught in the drift.

Stunted, with small leaf,
you are flung on the sand,
you are lifted
in the crisp sand
that drives in the wind.

Can the spice-rose
drip such acrid fragrance
hardened in a leaf? 
Sea Rose, Hilda Doolittle

New paintings series..."Birthday Witch" and more

"Birthday Witch" 
Oil permanent pastels, acrylic paint and inks

New series of paintings for the project on -going, "Corona Radiata". As usual, more on my website!

Monday, February 2


"Vanessa la pirata"
My friend Vanessa suffered a retine detachment not so long ago.
This painting illustrates her wish to be seen" as a pirate".