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Wednesday, August 19

"Ihana Salmiaki" print is out! The latest collaboration for CUS brand:

So proud to see my Ihana Salmiaki print for CUS A/W 2015-16 out there!!! Available online and in the shops. /////
L' estampat que vaig fer ,Ihana Salmiaki, per CUS A/W 2015-16 ja és al carrer i on-line!! Ho podeu consultar al web. /////
Ya está aquí mi último estampado para CUS , Ihana Salmiaki, inspirado en Finlandia!!


Check out in here , the link that shows the garments featuring Ihana Salmiaki print. 

 Below, you can see how it all started with a simple russian watercoloured drawing inspired in the romboidal shape of the infamous Salmiakki from Finland.
 Adriana, founder and designer herself of CUS, provided me inspiration of some of the shapes and , for sure, the whole concept. Still, she gave me a lot of freedom!
Weaving techniques such as seen in some folk costumes originally from Scandinavia and Native American people were as well part of my own research process.

Above, this was the original painting that, after several drafts, served me as the main motif to play with in order to develop a new surface pattern. Actually, I am sure you'll be able to discover how some areas were not even finished or the pencil marks are see through. Indeed, I started digitizing it quite fast and unexpectedly.

If "Roots" print, my first collaboration for the catalan brand, was all about flowers and subtle tones, this commission was for a different concept. And in fact, the difference it's quite visible in the color blocks and pseudogeometrical shapes. I say "pseudo" because I never used a ruler or any other tools than my eyes and hand movements to give a fake evenness on the lines, on purpose that is.

An image of the second step, when I started to manipulate the original 
drawing into a digital print. CUS wanted to keep the brush strokes and the watery touch inherent from the watercolours on the fabric. It was a bit difficult to maintain it without having to alter some of the color saturation. As well, it had to be cleaned in several sessions.
I'm very excited to see the outcome on the garments. They look edgy!