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Tuesday, December 21

waiting for the total eclipse of the moon

Turkey floral print fabric ( from personal research )
Moon calendar:...courtesy of Illuminate the world.

bona nit

Saturday, December 18


Nice tapas and beers with Marcel, my great friend...
talking about his work, and mine, sharing ideas.

Sopar ideal de tapas i canyes amb el Marcel, un gran amic...
compartint idees i projectes.

and thanks to Kim Hiorthoy music which i love, and to this video by Occer.

Friday, December 17

working , working .-.

       "Sketches for a recent proposal"  
December 2010, Barcelona
 to my friends, and ex workmates, Itxaso, Sara and Teresa...with New York, Hong Kong and Madrid spells. To them. To our work which we love.

 " El ball de la civada, jo us el cantaré; (bis)
el pare, quan la sembrava, feia així, feia així;

se'n dava un truc al pit i se'n girava així.

 Treballem, treballem, que la civada, que la civada,
treballem, treballem, que la civada guanyarem."
 ( El ball de la civada, catalan popular song)


friday stands for... fabrics...

 South eastern countries fabrics. (mostly Turkey)
I love them, you might also if seeking for inspiration, enjoy!

Monday, December 13

My Salomé in disguise

Sneak peek  from "Salomé : historical costume" book,  during the Antwerp Fashion academy years.


© Laia Riera Sanjaume