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Monday, August 25

A fine co-residency!

Having a nice chat with my co-resident, the amazing writer Cinzia Tanzella. It had been a pleasure to have shared the Villa Sarkia with you!

Until the next time, and the best of luck.

Sunday, August 24

:::::::::::::::More on Villa Sarkia residence:::::::::::::::::

Villa Sarkia residences are organized by the Nuori Voima Liitto, which is, roughly translated the union of young force...difficult to be translated!
It is actually the union of young writers which was founded in 1921 in Finland, during the years of strong soviet influence.
Their main purpose and action was to give advice to young artists, principally, writers, poets.
Nowadays, NVL, publishes five times a year their own magazine, with cultural reviews , articles and essays of writers, poets, artists.
Twice a year they also issue the known publication Kritikki.
One of the most important happenings organised by NVL is the poetry reading festival, Runokuu Festivaali (moon of poetry). 
And finally, as per said, NVL program include residence studios for writers, poets, translators and artists to the Villa Sarkia house.

    My notes and work, next to my favourite Moomin character kupi; the stinky Haisuli.

The actual house I am doing my residence is in Sysmä town, in middle Finland, or so called Lakes region.
The house was named after the late Finnish poet Kaarlo Sarkia, who died in Sysmä. The poet had a complicated, tormented and , nevertheless, a very prolific life.
His poems are widely known and read.
Some of the archives regarding the figure of Kaarlo Sarkia.

It is a strange mix of emotions to prepare my first graphic novel , or comic( err, a humble illustrated book project) in Villa Sarkia, being surrounded by the energy of all the poets, musicians, artists, writers who had been here between these walls, doing their own research.
In the pictures below, you can see a very old image of events and cultural happenings back in the days, of the 30´s !
 Old covers of the different years issues of NVL cultural magazine.
 Works by Akseli Gallén-Kallela had been around me all this time.
 A poetry reading, back in the days.
 Some of the women artists of the year 1934 by NVL.
 A great wooden working table!

Friday, August 22

#entre les dents tot desfent-se...

Heus ací que ja tinc ganes,
fa temps que pel cap em volta,
de començar d'entonar-ne,
de començar de contar-ne,
els vells cants de ma família,
la història de ma tribu.
El cant se'm fon a la boca,
les històries ja cauen
i m'arriben a la llengua,
entre les dents tot desfent-se. (...)

D' "El Kalevala" d' Elias Lonnrot, traducció directa del finès en vers.
Lemminkäisen äiti, 1897, Aksel Gallén-Kallela

Wednesday, August 6

Villa Sarkia arrival

Villa Sarkia residency
Sysmä, middle Finland ( Lakes region)

The first impression is great. The atmosphere is the ideal to work, to reflect and to meditate. After days of road trip through Finland, I get more than ever Tove Jansson's Moomins family stories, Akseli Gallén-Kallela life and art and Alvar Aalto minimal, and yet organic, idealistic architecture... 
"Corona Radiata" project starts now; so my research continues. The finnish late summer sun shines more than ever.

>>> (...) Ah, could they know
               how violets throw strange fire,
               red and purple and gold,
               how they glow
               gold and purple and red
               where her feet tread. <<< H.D. (Hymen)