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Wednesday, June 17

"In the woods I am different ..." has found a home!!!!

When I finished this painting after coming back from Fiskars I became really aware of how living in Finland was affecting me might sound too philosophical yet is exactly how it felt (still feels).
During my stay in Suomi this was one of the first paintings that was depicting my new life; my connection with finnish nature and its people.

Now " In the woods I am different, my Fiskars babies" belongs to Marta & Lluís lovely family. I couldn't be happier! Kiitos.

Tuesday, June 9

Tuesday stands for inspiration and research!

Image from one of ~ Lysistrata editions, cover by Picasso!

Image from a scene of the film ~ "The colour of pomegranates" by Sergei Podjarov
Punica granatum L. pomegranate ~ Duhamel du Monceau, H.L., Traité des arbres et arbustes, Nouvelle édition [Nouveau Duhamel], vol. 4: t. 11bis (1809) [P.J. Redouté] drawing: P.J. Redouté lithograph

A wonderful  illustration of a pomegranate by Jacques ~ Le Moyne de Morgues ,1575
Ernst Haeckel ~ Art Forms in Nature