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Monday, June 30

::::Thrilling news ::::

This is the last post of June then ;) ...
I've been confirmed I'm in a summer residency in Villa Sarkia studios.
The aim is to develop my ongoing project "Corona Radiata";or at least, continue it.
Villa Sarkia is located in Sysmä, in middle Finland; in a wonderful environment.
 I am so thrilled!
And this deliciously looking pineapple we got from Jorma was excellent to do an "Upside down Pineapple Cake : fantabalicious! It was a great Juhannus.

July is on the corner!

::::"Fatum" has found a home ::::

Aaand the last post of this month! it´s a happy one.
"Fatum" has found a new home. From now on it will be in Tampere, at Reetta Eiranen's place.
The painting is inspired on Eiranen´s article on the letters J.V Snellmann wrote to his young wife.
 These new series of paintings are also published on the Gender Studies Magazine in Finland nr. 2/2  of 2014,

Kiitos Reetta! And farewell "Fatum"!

Friday, June 13

Group show @ Galeria Espai [b] //// Col°lectiva d'estiu a la Galeria Espai [b]

Proud to be featured again in the (celebrating midsommer /Juhannus) Summer group show at Galeria Espai [b] with my newest production.
"Corpus Luteum", "Pikku Emantää" or "Learning from you" from late 2013 and 2014 are the new art pieces.
From Finland, I invite you all to pass by , and thanks!

Wednesday, June 4

//// Sukupuolentutkimus ////

Sukupuolentutkimus–lehti numero 2/2014 
The Gender studies magazine in Finland , edition June, is almost ready and will be on sale next week. In this edition they featured my paintings; some of them I had been blogging them already.
The articles were very challenging to get inspired by.
As per said in previous posts, I am very happy to share with you this collaboration !! Kiitos paljon Miina!
 I will be posting more on the publication and the articles.

"Time is mother" featured in
one of the articles.

This is how is gonna look the cover