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Thursday, July 21

Wednesday, March 2

Birthday present

necklace piece by Lucia Lojková
thanks, specially proud of this present, which had travelled from eastern europe to south europe Terrence Malick, 1973

Març, primer post del mes; amb un fragment de Badlands i amb un tros d'un nou dibuix.

First post for this starting month, video and a close up from a  new drawing. Enjoying the spring, the barefeet dance...
Amazing movie of all times.

Saturday, February 26

to start the day with things i like...
sanctuary pieces belonging to  Daniel, at Marcel's place.
and my floor home.
colors are matching, somehow
bon dia

Thursday, February 24

Upside Down


 Upside Down 2011
Acrylic, ink on canvas

© Laia Riera Sanjaume

Thursday, February 10

drawing on each corner of the brain*

drawing on each corner of the brain ( joking with the title of "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards book, which contains interesting "sides" of the act of drawing)

Tuesday, February 1

dream 1

dream collection: "dream 1"
col·lecció de somnis: "somni-o 1" ´                                             
colección de sueños : "sueño 1"

laia 28.01.11


Monday, January 17 confiance

as it seems:no time to post other than  "found" images...
still working hard, I seek for the right"confiance" to go on...

Sense deixar de treballar, penjo nomes aquesta imatge, per avui,
buscant la confiança per a seguir treballant,

Marguerite Burnat-Provins, 1926, La confiance

bona nit

Thursday, January 13

chambre avec vue

Chambre avec vue
or How to get rid of unwanted souls
© Laia Riera Sanjaume 2011

Tuesday, January 4

after party

després de la festa; i encara ens havíem de conèixer ( retrat antic, grafit sobre paper)

old portrait for the new year (pencil)

el cap sota l'ala

old drawing for a new year,
Barba bleue project.