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Tuesday, July 8

Sukupuolentutkimus Kotona / At home!

Some of the illustrated pages of the Gender Studies of Finland book I had collaborated with my paintings. The number is 2/2 of 2014.
The book-magazine is looking great and inviting to be read! ( Some texts are available in English in an extra reduced version from the Finnish or the Swedish) 
In total, 95 pages of an interesting variety of essays on regards of gender, culture, feminism activism and much more.
I leave you with a selection of the "Abstracts" , the express -reduced version of English of some of the articles.
The first one is "Epistolary encounters -Ideals and lived reality in correspondence between Jeannette and J.V Snellman " // " Kirjeet kohtauspaikkoina by Reetta Eiranen,  illustrated through "Fatum"painting.
->>> In the life of Jeanette Snellman , the wife of Finnish 19th-century philosopher J.V Snellman , her husband´s nationalistic ideals concerning women and the family were strongly present.

The article explores the question of how the relation between these ideals and lived reality 
was treated and constructed in the correspondence between the two spouses.
The husband articulated ideals about creating a decent home and educating oneself, but they also included contradictory elements. In her letters, a reticent Jeanette opened up and narrated herself in relation to her husband's expectations.
For the husband the marriage was partly a means to achieve philosophical ideal, whereas for Jeanette the efforts to live up to the ideal were a means to earn her husband´s love.
The letters were a place between the ideal world and the lived reality , but the connection between these two spheres remained always incomplete. Reetta Eiranen

The second extract is "Women, Tattoos, Desires" // "Kvinnor, tatueringar och begär" by Nina Nyman

->>> This article focuses on women´s processes of getting tattooed and their relationship with their tattooed bodies. For the study I have interviewed seven women with a varying number of tattoos.
The interviews showed that the process of tattooing changed the women´s perspective of their bodies. It gave them a feeling of agency and a sense of being in control of their own bodies. Furthermore, the women found tattoos desirable , which as such is not surprising. 
The surprising aspect was that there seemed to be no distinct relation between women´s feelings about tattoos and their choice of partner. The feeling of desirability , seemingly connected to aesthetics, was thus not a sexual preference. It was rather a feeling connected with the positive experience of embodiment that the act of tattooing provided the women. According to my analyses it was a question of desire as productive rather than as lack in the context of becoming tattooed". Nina Nyman

The last abstract is by Peeteri Eerola : "Narrating masculinity: dominant and counter narratives in interview speech"// " Maskuliinisuuden myötä-ja vastakerronta haastattelupuheessa"
->>> In this article I seek to extend understanding of the narratives of masculinity by analysing how divergent narratives of masculinity are produced simultaneously. Methodologically, the article is a narrative case study , in which I analyse interviews with Teemu, a working family man in his thirties. As an analytical tool, I use the concepts of dominant and counter narratives to illustrate how the interviewee connects himself with or differentiates from culturally dominant constructions of masculinity.
The results of the article emphasize how gender was extensively reflected, and how two opposite narratives were produced, in the interviewee´s speech.
 Issues dealing with men have highly visible in Finland over the last decades.
 The results hint that men 's understanding of themselves, as members of a particular gender category, might have become more extensive on a more general level". Peeteri Eerola

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