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Thursday, July 30

Art efímer //// wall intervention //// arte en las paredes de laFuturA ( the story) II Opening night

It's been a blast!
So long wall lady and wall companions, until the next time!!
(bear in mind the images couln't be of better resolution)

My wall drawing bears the title "Les mares de Poble Sec", July 2015
charcoal & graphite 

This is how I started the piece...I was feeling sooooo smaaaall. Nevertheless, one of the most suprisingly good experiences of my art life. I would never had expected it to be so incredibly rewarding!

Gràcies a laFuturA per aquesta iniciativa tan genial al barri de Poble Sec i a totes i tots els il°lustradors que m'han acompanyat.
Es poden veure les intervencions fins el dia 1 d'agost!

Wednesday, July 29

Art efímer //// wall intervention //// arte en las paredes de laFuturA ( the story)

So this is it, the end has came and it has been such a great, enriching- empowering experience!
My first wall intervention and so far I am quite proud of the process. What it makes me happy is to have met so many talented and great persons during the two weeks we had been working in the (and in a heat wave) art gallery.Gràcies!

The drawing was made entirely by graphite, the first outline sketch, and charcoal.
 (this image belongs to LafuturA team, thanks guys!)
Some of their images are simply great!

Monday, July 20

Inky work ->>> Nulla dies sine linea challenge

Nulla dies sine linea ->>> inky works each day
#drawingaday #inks

"(sometimes is hard) To be a woman"
Inks on paper

Wednesday, July 15

Intervenció a LafuturA , "El que hem vist" //////// Art efímer ///////

Un dels primers posts sobre la intervenció que estic fent, entre d'altres il°lustradors,  a les parets de la galeria i associació artística LaFuturA, a Poble Sec per l'exposició col°lectiva " El que hem vist".
És molt curiós veure com es transforma el traç propi habitual sobre una paret i, a més, en carbonet i cretes.
I també, és meravellós veure com es van desenvolupant els murals dels companys d'aquesta aventura.
Algunes de les imatges de com va el procés:

▒ ▒ ▒ ▒ ▒ ▒ 

Ephemeral art on the walls of LaFutura, art /space gallery in Poble Sec, Barcelona.
I'm very thrilled of such a challenge and adventure, and very happy as well, that they invited to be part of the exhibition. For the moment, this is the very first post of the process. So far is very exciting to see how my paintings transform into a charcoal drawing directly applied on the wall. 
At the same time, it is a pleasure to be surrounded by as many amazing talented illustrators!
The source of inspiration for the art intervention is one of my paintings: "Cadmium mother".

To be continued...

Thursday, July 9


Aviat farà un any que entrava dins la Villa Sarkia (Sysmä, Finlàndia), aquella olor inconfusible de casa antiga, i finlandesa!, de bosc i pluja, m'assalta de cop.
Des d'aquell moment l' escriptura es va convertir en la meva companya. De fet, la tasca que vaig iniciar a la residència artística de Villa Sarkia continua.
 Surprisingly, I realised the project of "Corona radiata" started a long time ago, even while I was at Winchester School of Art. Unaware that I would redraw all those images again, and again.

 I avui començo un nou projecte i un nou repte. Back to the roots.

Wednesday, July 8

Working ///////////////

"HOLDER" close up, 2015 
oil painting on canvas

    "MOTHERLY CELLS" , 2015
To my mom/// A la meva mare/// A mi madre
Mixed media

Finally, some more works ready to be shown ( "Motherly cells" was exhibited in my solo exhibition on May '15 at Centre Cívic de Sant Martí) ///////
Finalment, alguns dels últims treballs per exposar. ( "Motherly cells" ja va ser exposada durant l'exposició individual , #Corona Radiata...per tu retorno, al Centre Cívic de Sant Martí) ///////
Finalmente, algunos de los trabajos más recientesya están listos. ( "Motherly cells" formó parte de la exposición individual, #Corona radiata...per tu retorno, en el Centre Cívic de Sant Martí)